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4000m² Closed Production Area

Unify is the first manufacturer specialising in producing, researching and selling nylon cable ties in turkey. The company's leading professional research and development of cable ties to provide suitable for different conditions of the cable tie:

Caple Tie Types

  • Standard cable tie(nylon)
  • Tension-enhanced cable tie
  • Weather-resistant cable tie
  • UV-resistant cable tie
  • Heat-resistant cable tie
  • Low temperature-resistant cable tie

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About Unify Ties


Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Develop practical solutions

We are constantly committed to researching and perfecting production, making significant investments in technology and training internal resources. It is our mission to develop practical solutions for all cable management requirements. To live up to this goal, offer you first-class service and advice – wherever you need it.

Polyamide 66 material for batch production

We use pure Polyamide 66 material for batch production, and UL lists our primary material. We get a high reputation among the clients, and our products are well sold worldwide

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Our company holds the idea of "Continuous Improvement and Innovation", warmly welcome the visit and cooperation of worldwide customers.

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